Heart of Mind Radio – 09.02.17

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On today’s program Kathryn is joined by Rick UlfickJohn Ramer and Paul Sladkus to discuss a series of events and opportunities presented by “11 Days of Global Unity – 11 Days to Change the World at WE.net


Rick Ulfik is the Founder of We, The World and the WE Campaign at WE.net. We, The World is a global coalition-building organization that unites and amplifies the efforts of people, organizations and movements working for the common good. Rick is the Co-Creator of the annual 11 Days of Global Unity –11 Ways to Change the World which goes from September 11th to September 21st the U.N. International Day of Peace. 11 Days is a worldwide convergence of events, festivals, campaigns, and broadcasts for peace, justice, sustainability and transformation with participants like Desmond Tutu, Jane Goodall, Deepak Chopra, and Tavis Smiley.

Jon Ramer is Founder of Compassion Games International – Survival of the Kindest. Jon was moved by the events of Sept. 11, 2001 to focus his entrepreneurial energies on non-profit community organizing. In 2008, he was an organizational participant in The Seeds of Compassion, an event aligned with a visit to Seattle by the Dalai Lama. As Executive Director of the Compassionate Action Network, Jon conceived and implemented the International Campaign for Compassionate Cities. He is the co-author, with Phil Lane, Jr., of “Deep Social Networks and the Digital Fourth Way”

Paul Sladkus created goodnewsbroadcast.com in 1998, and their nonprofit peacedayparty.org which has done events in Central Park and Times Square with a giant Human Peace Sign. Paul has been in broadcasting and marketing for over 40 years, formerly with CBS and PBS TV working on shows like All in the Family, Sonny and Cher, Carol Burnet, Nature and the Brain Series. He created Milestone Broadcast in 1985 for multicultural marketing.



Kathryn Davis has produced Heart Of Mind Radio since 2000 over WBAI/Pacifica radio and The Progressive Radio NetworkPRN.FM since 2014. She is an artist, author, mystic, energy worker and spiritual doula. Also, a facilitator of relaxation techniques, an experienced teacher of Qigong, a practitioner of Reiki, spiritually guided life force energy and the Sandlin Technique, an Indigenous healing technology based on vision quest and shamanic insight.

Kathryn offers private energy healing sessions and spiritual counseling, in person or by phone/skype.

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