Heart Of Mind Radio – 09.28.20

Heart Of Mind Radio, 9/26/2020

On today’s Heart Of Mind, Radio for the New Millennium, host Kathryn Davis, offers a mystical tour through music, insight and ancient culture.

In the first segment Kathryn shares a reading from the Universal Soul offering a message for every being, against the backdrop of a Trance Music Mix. Featuring: Energetic Heart and Living From the Heart by Wingmakers at wingmakers.comSunrise Prayer by Douglas Spotted EagleHealed Free by NadiRing of Gold byAh-kin and Freedom Song by Deep Forest.

In segment two, we begin a conversation with Sergio Magańa, Aztec, Toltec healer and author. In this first part of a series we begin by learning about Sergio’s mystical beginnings and the call of destiny. \

Featured Music: 

Frog Dancing by David Anthony Clark; Road Trip by Kathryn Davis,


Sergio Magańa Ocelocyotl, founder of Centro Energetico Integral, is a well known and respected healer who has been initiated into the 5,000-year-old Toltec lineage of Mesoamerica. He is the author of 2012-2021 – The Dawn of the Sixth Sun; The Toltec Secret, Dreaming Practices of the Ancient Mexicans; and Caves of Power,Ancient Energy Techniques for Healing, Rejuvenation and ManifestationSergioMagańa.com


Kathryn Davis is a Qigong Teacher, a facilitator of Meditation and Mind/body Relaxation Techniques, a practitioner of Reiki, Spiritually guided life force energy and the Sandlin Technique, a form of Indigenous healing based on Vision Quest and Shamanic Insight. She is founder of the Kun Li Sheng™, Healing System, which includes a Qigong form, postures and healing technologies. She has produced Heart Of Mind Radio since 2014 on the Progressive Radio Network and since 2000 on WBAI Pacifica Radio.


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