Heart of Mind Radio – 10.28.17

Heart of Mind, Radio for the New Millennium, A central source for health, consciousness, spirituality and self-liberation. Hosted by Kathryn Davis. On today’s program Kathryn in joined by Holistic Health Coach Kim Weiler, of HealingMySkin.com, to talk about overcoming auto-immune disease with love. She is author of the book “PS – It’s All About Love: How A Painful Journey With Psoriasis Became A Life Devoted To Healing Others  In segment II, Kathryn muses upon the meaning of existence in relation to reality.

Music featured on today’s program: Frog Dancing by David Anthony Clark


Kim Weiler, International Certified Holistic Health Coach, Author of “PS – It’s All About Love: How A Painful Journey With Psoriasis Became A Life Devoted To Healing Others 

For more than twenty years, Kim Weiler struggled with psoriasis, an auto-immune skin disease. No doctor could offer her successful treatment, and she began to feel frustrated and hopeless at the seeming lack of answers and understanding from the medical community. Help finally came from a most unlikely source: her dog Max’s vet.

From that introduction to how food and toxins affect the body, Weiler started on a journey of exploration of nutrition and self-love. She found that diet, not pharmaceuticals, can get to the root of illness. Through nourishing her body with whole foods, boosting her mind and spirt with self-love and positive thinking, she was able to deal with the valid feelings of anger, depression, and shame and heal herself of Ps, a.k.a. psoriasis.

Now, as an internationally certified holistic health coach, Weiler helps men, women, and children who have suffered from a variety of skin diseases, auto-immune illnesses, and she encourages people to take control of their own health and heal from the inside out. Through Ps—It’s All About Love, part memoir, part guide to better health, Weiler compassionately offers a mind-body-spirit solution while setting an example for what self-love and self-healing really means. Website: healingmyskin.com

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Kathryn Davis has produced Heart Of Mind Radio since 2000 over WBAI/Pacifica radio and The Progressive Radio NetworkPRN.FM since 2014. She is an artist, author, mystic, energy worker and spiritual doula. Also, a facilitator of relaxation techniques, an experienced teacher of Qigong, a practitioner of Reiki, spiritually guided life force energy and the Sandlin Technique, an Indigenous healing technology based on vision quest and shamanic insight.

Kathryn offers private energy healing sessions and spiritual counseling, in person or by phone/skype.

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