Heart of Mind Radio – 11.16.19

Heart Of Mind Radio November 16, 2019

On today’s Heart Of Mind Radio our host Kathryn Davis offers “Today’s Now” reading from the Collective Over-Soul of the Human Earth EmbodimentYes, humanity and the planet herself are one being with one conscious awareness.

Featured Music: Frog Dancing by David Anthony Clark, Beautiful Child by the EurythmicsChasing Strange by Liz Wright

We are living at a time of great significance in that now is when all can come into this great awareness. Following the reading Kathryn offers an activation, which is more than a meditation. It is designed to awaken within each one the bubbling stream of truth from source awareness, that which lays at the core of each being.

As we awaken to the source within each of us and allow our life stream to arise from this, source humanity awakens to its power to recreate the existence on earth, allowing love and harmony to rise into the expression of being.

Kathryn is an energy healer, movement teacher and channel of divine energy. This divine energy comes forth through her hands, in her words and from the heart. All human beings have this capacity. It is not unique. But we must turn our attention inward so that we can manifest our individual creation and contribution to the restoration of life on earth.

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