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On today’s Heart Of Mind Radio host Kathryn Davis speaks with Tushka Humoc Xelup, Executive Director General of NAAIP, National Association for the Advancement of Indigenous People, a United Nations IPO. Recognized and un-recognized Aborigine and Native Americans established NAAIP, along with signatories foreign and domestic. For more information go to

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On Thursday May 20thTushka Humoc Xelup gave a statement to the 2016, 15th Session of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

Here is the text his statement:

I am thankful for this opportunity, Honorable Chair.

On the topic of Indigenous peoples agenda addressing the “First Six Steps” we must as a world indigenous / Aborigine Peoples, along with the United Nations countries, demand the United States reform policies of misidentification, Apartheid and Environmental racism against the indigenous of America.

NAAIP 2015 Accomplishments and intent for 2016 – 2017 shall further embrace and assist individuals who are part of reclaiming their tribal cultural identity, implementing sustainable development platforms, while actively assisting members in securing justice and remedy in many areas of their existence, including land claims, custody and protection of tribal children from covert adoption and placement outside the indigenous community.

Last week NAAIP registered 16 delegates, all of whom stood on this floor awaiting an opportunity to demand justice, and the ears of justice ignored their presence. So today, I Tushka Standing Bear Xelup, speak in their stead.

In 2015 when we attended our first session, we were not allowed to make a statement, so this year we brought NAAOP members from 12 different historical tribes from Northeast America, as well as tribal leaders from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic to help in making a visual statement. It is unfortunate that we must attend this forum to visually show and say to the world:

We, the DARK ABORGINE of AMERICA, are still here.

The people who joined me last week, but are absent today, were bloodline family descendents of first contact American Indian principal leader, Massasoit Ousa Mequin. Massasoit Ousa Mequin signed the first treaty with King James, allowing the Europeans access to the lands of America. Today by order of Royal Decree from Sagamore William “Winds of Thunder” Guy, the Treaty of “King James and the Massasoit” is hereby rescinded.

The direct descendants of the first contact Indigenous people in America are not allowed to be recognized as who they are, but instead are forced to accept methods of paper genocide, misclassification and forced U.S. citizenship assimilated as African American and other false identities.

The United States must allow Indigenous right to identity, for the American Aborigine. The United States being primary creator of the United Nations Charter in 1945, must be encouraged by the member nations and supporters of the United Nations to change its racist policies. These policies have continued to violate the rights of millions of ignored and misclassified American Aborigine / Indigenous Peoples.

When the United States of America ends its fraud, racial discrimination, misidentification, misclassification and apartheid conditions against its own indigenous people, then the indigenous peoples around the globe will begin to find greater benefit through implementation of UNDRIP policies concerning “conflict, peace and resolution”.

NAAOP UNDRIP implementation is facilitated by well informed NAAIP members, whose goal is and has been the uplifting of the American Aborigine condition through implementation of UNDRIP policies concerning “conflict, peace and resolution”.

NAAIP has also implemented the development of two support institutions. The “American Aborigine Council on Human Rights” (AACHR), and the “International Coalition of Aborigine Women” (ICAW). The development of the NAAIP “American Aborigine Council on Human Rights” (AACHR) will specifically address long ignored issues of human rights abuses of aborigine not only in America, both throughout the western hemisphere. The AACHR along with the current missions of the NAAIP Aborigine Reclamation Council (ARC) will continue to seek rights and protections for all Aborigines of the Americas, the Caribbean, West Papua (Indonesia), Canada, Columbia and Ethiopia. NAAIP International, in association with provisions and protections provided within the UNDRIP and the United Nations Millennium Development Goals and Sustainable Development Agenda structures, is facilitating change at a micro level for American Aborigine, but change must be supported by the appointment of a United Nations Special Rapporteur, to enforce the guiding instruments for international protections and implementation.


National Association for the Advancement of Indigenous People, International

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