Heart of Mind Radio – 08.07.15

On today’s Heart Of Mind Radio, Host Kathryn Davis shares audio clips that bring our attention to the hidden self and the need for discovering, accepting and transforming those aspects that undermine our sense of well being.

In Segment one we feature:

Gangaji on Your Ally on the Path of Self-Discovery

From the audio course The Greatest Discovery, she experienced the feeling that many of Gangaji’s students report—that Gangaji seems to look directly into our hearts and minds, gently revealing unexamined thoughts and behaviors that are holding us back on the spiritual journey. “Gangaji has a special gift for allowing you to see your true potential and recognize that it is within your reach at this very moment.” In this selection, she shows us how we can turn our pain and dissatisfaction into our greatest allies for growth and transformation.

Brene Brown on The Journey to Worthiness

A trustworthy guide can make all the difference when we are facing the more difficult parts of our human journey. From her audio course Men, Women, and Worthiness, Brene Bron isma teacher who immediately created that all-important bond of trust. “Brené has a clear, simple style that makes me feel like I’m sitting across the table from a dear friend,” Because of the presence she brings, Brené has a gift for helping us navigate the difficult experiences of shame and vulnerability that we often try to avoid. In this selection, she talks about why navigating the swamp of our shameful feelings empowers us to live a full and wholehearted life.

Kristin Neff on What is Self-Compassion, and why is it important

Most of us are very tough on ourselves. We feel a genuine desire to feel compassion for others, but we’re afraid that if we begin to feel that same compassion for ourselves that we’ll become self-centered, soft, or even stop thinking about others at all. But in this excerpt from the audio course Self-Compassion Step-ByStep. she explains how self-compassion and self-criticism affect our minds and bodies, and explains why the quality of the compassion that we can give to others is often dependent upon giving ourselves the benefits of self-compassion first.

In Segment two we feature:

Lewis Mehl-Madrona on Who is part of you and how the understanding of Native culture will shift how one understands the healing process

In Western medicine, healing is about addressing problems in the body or mind. In Native American medicine, it is our story that we must learn to heal. This is the underlying premise of what Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona calls “Narrative Medicine.” From the audio program The Spirit of Healing, Dr. MehlMadrona talks about the “relational self,” and how the stories we tell to our friends, colleagues, and family influence our ability to heal. What would modern psychiatry and medicine look like if they had been invented by Native American people? As someone who has a deep connection to his Cherokee and Lakota roots, and is also a psychiatrist and Stanford-trained MD, Dr. Mehl-Madrona is uniquely poised to integrate native and Western concepts of healing. In this excerpt, Dr. Mehl-Madrona invites us to consider how the power of story forms our own identity and connects us to our community—and how consciously changing our story can help us heal

Mao Shing Ni on What is Qi, how can we understand Yin and Yang

Westerners who first encounter the concept of qi often regard it as something extraordinary, even supernatural—an energy available only to masters of spirituality or martial arts. Yet much of Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on an understanding of this vital life force as it operates in each and every one of us. From the program Qi Meditations, Dr. Mao Shing Ni was able to demystify qi and explain it in clear, simple language. In this selection, Dr. Mao explores the nature of qi, how it manifests as the yin and the yang, and how these energies are reflected in our bodies and our world.

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