Heart of Mind Radio – 08.19.16

On today’s Heart Of Mind Radio, host Kathryn Davis talks to Dr. Mitchell Yass, author of “The Pain Cure RX” about how we can relieve our chronic pain.

Pain sufferers are often told they will need drugs the rest of their lives, there’s nothing else to do. According to Mitchell Yass, he found in about 90% of cases of over 10,000 people (neck, back, knee, groin, arthritis, stenosis, meniscal tears, etc.). were misdiagnosed, and the real cause of pain was due to muscular weakness or an imbalance. We offer a special discount to Dr. Yass Sunday workshop at the New York Open Center. Check below for your registration code.

Also Kathryn gives an update on her involvement with the Bronx Reach Champs campaign and her offering of FREE Qigong Meditation classes in the parks of the Bronx.See below for details:

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(347) 480-1694, HeartOfMindRadio@gmail.com


Mitchell Yass, PhD, author of The Pain Cure RX, has spent 20 years developing his method of diagnosing and treating the cause, not the symptom of pain. He has also worked with the New York Islanders hockey team and with Cerebral Palsy sufferers. www.mitchellyass.com

Dr. Yass is offering a one-day workshop on Sunday August 21, 10:00 AM – 5:30 AM – THE NEW YORK OPEN CENTER: www.opencenter.org

Call (212) 219-2527 to register. Your 26% discount code is: PAINCURE

In this workshop you will learn how to read the body’s subtle messages to diagnose the real cause of your pain as well as the easy exercises for building strengthen and flexibility. If your pain is not due to muscle weakness, the exercises will serve as preventive care, and are also highly recommended for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. Discover how this approach can provide relief and a pain-free life.

Host event:

Kathryn Davis will be offering a FREE Qigong Meditation Class on Saturday August 20th as part of a 3-pronged outreach program in the Bronx with Bronx Reach Champs:

Location – Shoelace Park.

The park is next to the Bronx River parkway. The meeting place is the entrance – East 211th Street and Bronx Blvd.

Transportation – 2 or 5 train to Gun Hill Road, then 3 minute walk to the park.

10:00am – 11:00am Kathryn Davis – Qi-Gong Meditation

11:00 am – 11:30 am Chef Wilson – Healthy Eating

11:30 am – 12:30 pm N’Namdi Nelson – Physical Fitness

Hope to see you there.

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