Heart of Mind Radio – 04.03.15

All of humanity shares one greater Higher Self that has birthed all of our individual Higher Selves. On today’s Heart Of Mind Radio program we receive a message received by Kathryn, but intended for All.

Higher Self on understanding the true creation story and the reason incarnated humans agreed to participate in the human experience with a veil of separation. How the separation came to propel humanity into darkness and loss of their divine awareness of the creator source. And affirms the divinity of humanity and encourages ALL to participate in removal of the veil, also known as the dark cell that holds the separation in place and open up to a full integration of self.

Part 1 – Recorded Message: One Family – Divine Mission – 17.15 min

Part 2 – Recorded Message: One Family –

Human Struggle, Return to Divine Source – 14.2 min

Park 3 – Live – Meditation for removal of the veil or dark cell of separation


Kathryn will be offering a live meditation and Qigong movement class on Saturday, April 5 at her Brooklyn Healing Space from 1:00 – 2:30 PM

110 Bay Ridge Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11220 (2nd Floor Walk Up).


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Please check out another web site with more information on removing the “dark cell”

Though the host and I share the same name, we are different embodiments.