Heather Callaghan – Are Supplement Hit Pieces A Natural Health False Flag?

Like a script from a movie you already know the ending to; each year we can expect a hoax study or attack on anything that is not FDA approved. It is with great hope that the average person will have enough sense to see through the latest propaganda of “debunking” all supplements based on faulty, cheap ones and those investigated by the FDA. Unfortunately, a lot of people might be like the elderly woman I talked to in 2012 who stopped getting natural help because of the media reports that equated vitamins to toxic poison.

Special note to readers: This article was originally published in Dec 2013 but it goes to show, ’tis the season for supplement bashing! I have polished it just a bit to reflect present time. I needed to post this here to set a foundation for an article coming shortly – this has important information that’s crucial for “the rest of the story,” as Paul Harvey used to say. -H.C.

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