Heather Callaghan – The Shocking Backroom Image Behind Every U.S. Vaccine

Arguably, vaccines are anything but vegan or “animal friendly” in case people were wondering. Science as a whole somehow maintains carte blanche when it comes to animal cruelty. But besides the typical cloned human cell lines and animal products used to make vaccines, another type of questionable practice takes place behind closed doors and looks more like a ghoulish scene from a dystopian sci-fi movie.

In the United States, the blue blood circulating in horseshoe crabs is vampirically taken from the strapped down creatures in order to test vaccines. Who knew? A tube is inserted into them as a crude siphon that drains them of their life force into clear jars before them.

Then again, we are talking about a field of work that just figured out that babies feel pain and then went on to discover that they feel the pain of vaccines even worse according to brain wave tests that were long overdue. It’s a wonder that the vague whole of “science” – which is often beholden to the corporate oligarchy – is worshiped like a cult with this blatant contradiction of cruelty. As you can see in the quote below, this practice takes place at the behest of pharmaceutical companies.

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