David Crowe

David-Stampede-2013-150x1501Host of The Infectious Myth
Tuesdays at 2:00 pm (EST)

David Crowe graduated in Biology and Mathematics from a Canadian University in the late 1970s. His thesis about two plant species hybridizing into a third, crystallized his awareness that even the concept of “species”, the foundation of his chosen field of taxonomy, was imprecise and somewhat arbitrary. Later he became fascinated by questions about whether HIV really did cause AIDS and, later, about whether HIV even existed. This led him to investigate several other disease paradigms, finding that in every case there was an environmental explanation that was more compelling that the official dogma. With a high tech day job, he was able to pursue his scientific interests without fear of losing a position, the ability to publish, or the ability to get grants. Not being able to preach behind the safety of a PhD, David simply uses his mammoth research database to put the data in front of you, so that you have the tools you need to decide whether well establish disease dogmas, and other scientific sureties, are really as solid as we are told. David hails from Calgary in Canada and is rarely caught on the front side of a camera, but often on the back.

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