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For almost 3 decades John has continuously lived in and around all twenty Latin American Countries and has produced and hosted various English radio talk shows broadcasting from Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras, Colombia and extending to other major Latin America markets, logging in over 2000 hours of live radio time. He’s interviewed hundreds of Latins from all walks of life- from deposed Presidents to Latin media stars like Shakira and Selma Hayek, to fugitive narcos, street urchins and even coffee pickers.
With an MBA, and a BS in Biomedical Engineering, John’s tried his hand at many Latin based businesses, some of which took off and some that crashed. In addition, he’s bought, built and sold a dozen houses in four different Latin countries- with a lot to say about the lessons learned. But most of all, he’s discovered how to live inordinately well the third world, and on a fraction of the money it took to live the good life back in his old home town of Chicago (and with a fraction of the stress).
After years in the third world trenches, John knows the ins and outs of Latin life. He’s been ripped off, shot at, sued and kidnapped (by his own lawyer no less). And though that sounds horrible, he’s found there are easy ways to avoid stepping in the puddles, and in fact there are huge advantages for any Gringo who wants to live and work in Latin America. On the plus side, he’s made many good friends, has glorious adventures and has had more than a few unforgettable romances; not to mention that he’s rubbed elbows with diplomats, presidents, blue bloods and kings (and found most of them pretentious jerks- just like their first world counterparts). John will be the first one to say that life in Latin America is amazing and he’s never been bored.
John also paid his dues as a musician and a stand up comic, and after writing a few diverse books (and presently slogging away on another), he’s just the one to take you on a wild and crazy ride through Latin America.
John also hosts his famous boots-on-the-ground “PLAN  B” seminars. A few times a year he takes a small group of Expat wanabees on a week-long personal whirlwind glimpse of Latin American life. The groups visit commercial and manufacturing centers, educational and healthcare facilities, banking, IT, real estate developments and many many places unknown and/or unaccessible to tourists and other long-term expats. 

That said, quench your curiosity and find out everything you’ve always wanted about living, working, playing, retiring and/or doing business in Latin America by tuning in to The Expat Files- Living in Latin America.
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