Paul Cavalconte

Host of The Vinyl Experience
Fridays at 5:00 pm (EST)

The Vinyl Experience:  The only radio show all about records, celebrating the Vinyl LP resurgence and the unique culture of analog recording.

Hosted by New York radio veteran Paul Cavalconte, The Vinyl Experience is a weekly, hour-long exploration of great analog recordings, and a broad variety of music styles.  The culture of record collecting and analog Hi Fi season the mix, which draws from unique and collectible vinyl treasures to independent new music and classic reissues for today’s audiophile vinyl market.  All music is dubbed from vinyl originals by Paul on his own reference-standard playback equipment.  Musicians, producers and writers frequently stop by to spin their own favorites, and to share their “Virgin Vinyl Experience” with that magical first record that got them started.  From original pressings to 180 gram reissues, from rock and jazz to spoken word, classical, world, and beyond, The Vinyl Experience puts a new spin on the joy of discovering music thorugh great recordings.

Paul Cavalconte has been broadcasting on local New York City radio stations, and coast to coast on Satellite and Network Radio for the past 30 years–but he started young, with Fordham’s public radio powerhouse WFUV, and on to legendary stations like WLIR, WNEW, WNCN, Q104.3, CD101.9, and the late-lamented WRXP, where The Vinyl Experience was born.  Paul hosted Sirius Satellite Radio channels like Classic Rewind, Disorder, Planet Jazz and Folktown in the ’00′s, and was heard on the 24-hour jazz and classical formats of SW Networks, and the WDRE Modern Rock Network in the ’90′s.  Naturally, Paul accumulated a massive collection of LPs and 45′s along the way, and now shares them all on The Vinyl Experience, drawing for the first time on each of the eclectic music genres he has worked through the radio years.