ISIS hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington

How Iran and the US intersect in “Syraq”

A cliffhanger debate will take place this Wednesday at the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Picture Secretary of State John Kerry, new Pentagon supremo Ashton Carter, and Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey all testifying in the same room.

The meat of the matter: the House of Cards, sorry, US Congress, mulling over what’s the real deal behind the Obama administration’s proposal to use “military force” in Syria, and whether to impose a no-fly zone to protect Syrian “rebels.”

Obama actually has a “special presidential envoy” for the Orwellian-style Global Coalition to Counter ISIL; he’s retired Marine Gen. John Allen.

Allen swears the US “will protect” Syrian “rebels” trained and weaponized by Washington; and he’s all in favor of a no-fly zone over northern Syria.

The envoy is essentially parroting “His Master’s Voice,” whose self-described “Don’t Do Stupid sh*t” administration is confident the draft authorization to use military force in Syria will survive scrutiny at the House of Cards, sorry, US Congress.

The no-fly zone is exactly what the government of the Sultan of Constantinople, sorry, Turkey President Tayyip Erdogan, has advocated since forever. “Sultan” Erdogan’s master plan is to solidify a base for the weaponized Syrian opposition to fight not only ISIS/ISIL/Daesh but most of all the Syrian Armed Forces under Bashar al-Assad.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has been on the record insisting Syrian “rebels” should do exactly that. But Ankara, we have a problem.

The Pentagon is now spinning, via spokesman Rear Adm. John Kirby, that “the Syria component of this campaign is an anti-[IS] component. That’s the focus, not about the Assad regime. Nothing has changed about … the policy that there’s not going to be a US military solution to Assad.”

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