Ilana Novick – The Power of Magical Thinking: Overnight a 300% Increase in Republicans Who Think the Economy Is Doing Better

While many Americans are questioning the validity of our polls, given that so many did a poor job of predicting Trump’s election, the Gallup Organization released a new one on Tuesday that provides insight into Republican’s economic views following the election. Apparently a white nationalist know nothing in the White House was not enough to dim their confidence in the economy. In fact, according to the poll results, the election of a man endorsed by the KKK actually gave Republicans alot more confidence in the economy. Even the Democrats polled, whose confidence plummeted, are not as upset as one would think.

While the Gallup poll did not have a breakdown by race, CNN’s exit polls do and provide evidence as to just how much racism didn’t concern white voters. Out of 24,537 people polled, 58% of white people voted for Trump, including 53% of white women. The recent uptick in confidence seems to provide an important clue that White  Americans are willing to overlook bigotry if they think it will benefit their own bottom line.

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