In Classic Clintonian Fashion, Dems Insult Their Own Voters By Matt Taibbi

ay this for the Democrats in the Clinton era: they’re never boring.

From brilliant responses to sex scandals to impossible smoke-but-not-inhale policy hedges to calculated collapses on everything from gay rights to financial deregulation, the Clinton Dems over the years have proven themselves masters of messaging and political survival.

They’ve turned the act of choosing winning over principle into an art form.

The latest trick? Insulting their own voters at the start of a race. It would be unbelievable, if they hadn’t spent decades preparing us to believe it.

The background for the latest chutzpah-rich gambit has been an alarming slide in Hillary Clinton’s recent polling numbers. A series of different surveys have all shown that in the wake of her email scandal and revelations about the Clinton Foundation, Hillary’s negatives have jumped, and her positives are way down.

“Less than 50 percent of respondents” have favorable feelings about the candidate, as Michael Barone at Real Clear Politics put it.

In response, the Clinton campaign is launching a campaign to fire up the liberal base. They’re going to accomplish this, they say, by having Hillary adopt “polarizing” positions she doesn’t actually believe in. This comes via a trial balloon the campaign itself floated in The New York Times over the weekend.

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