Infectious Myth – Chris Shaw on Dangers of Aluminum Too – 10.20.15

In Episode 75 David discusses the toxicity of Aluminum with Professor Chris Shaw, following on from the interview with Chris Exley in episode 71. Dr. Shaw started examining a degenerative neurological illness on Guam that his research indicated was caused by a combination of phytosterols in cycads and aluminum, and then went on to study Gulf War Syndrome, which he believed was at least partly due to the exposure to aluminum in over 20 vaccines given to soldiers in a short time. In 2013 he co-authored a paper that claimed a strong correlation between increased exposure to aluminum in vaccines and Autism Spectrum Disorder. But his major area of study is not epidemiology, but studies with mice, which have shown that injection of aluminum causes degeneration of the nervous system.

Chris also comments on the absolutism prevalent in mainstream discussions of vaccine safety, including the time when the Canadian public broadcaster, CBC, went after him, trying to get his management to criticize his research, something they refused to do, insisting that peer review of his grant applications and publications was sufficient, a major victory for academic and scientific freedom.


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