The Infectious Myth – False Confessions with James Trainum – 05.02.17

David talks with James Trainum, a former Washington DC police detective about false confessions. Apart from studying them, he admits that once he obtained a false confession in a high profile case, so he understands just how easy it is for a policeman to fall into this trap. Apart from describing how false confessions can be obtained without any physical abuse of a suspect, he also describes how they can be avoided, such as by ending the use of the Reid technique and moving to the PEACE technique, developed by the British police after a raft of false confessions. Trainum is author of, “How the Police Generate False Confessions”: https://rowman.com/ISBN/9781442244658/How-the-Police-Generate-False-Confessions-An-Inside-Look-at-the-Interrogation-Room



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