The Infectious Myth – Scrambling and Schizophrenia with Bob Spirko – 12.12.17

Bob Spirko is well known in the Calgary, Alberta, area, for his website, http://bobspirko.ca, that provides reliable information on many of the mountain scrambles in the local Rocky Mountains. This kind of scrambling has nothing to do with the scrambled sensations of schizophrenia except that, many years ago, Bob suffered from this condition. For reasons he can’t quite explain he decided not to use pharmaceutical drugs and perservered with mega-vitamin therapy. It was only after his schizophrenia receded that he regained his energy and first started cycling and then, as he started to slow down, mountain scrambling. He is not quite sure why his schizophrenia receded. Was it the megavitamins, his persistence with frequent exercise, or did he just grow out of it? You will learn about his struggle to overcome schizophrenia, as well as the mountain sport of scrambling, which is neither hiking nor mountain climbing, in this episode.