The Infectious Myth – Sex Work versus Sex Trafficking with Domina Elle – 02.27.18

In episode 176 David talks with Domina Elle, a Colorado-based dominatrix, about sex trafficking, prostitution, sex work and erotic service provision. She has been involved with recent court cases that are trying to decriminalize the exchange of money for sexual services between consenting adults. She believes that fears of sex trafficking are largely unfounded and are being driven by a very profitable NGO-industrial complex, that needs the fear to drive donations and government funding.
Find out more about the organization fighting for decriminalization at http://esplerp.org, and you can donate money to their court fight at https://www.crowdrise.com/o/en/campaign/litigate-to-emancipate1/eroticserviceprovide. Domina’s own website is: http://dominaelle.com