Infectious Myth – Wallace Thornhill and the Electric Universe – 04.21.15

In episode 55 David Crowe speaks with Wallace Thornhill about the “Electric Universe”. Wallace is among a number of scientists who believe that it is electrical forces that drive the universe, including our universe, and that gravity can be thought of as simply a weak electrical force. While some of these ideas seem outlandish, they do offer a simpler explanation for many phenomena seen in the universe, such as material being ejected from black holes, signs that two stars that mainstream theory says should be far apart (different red shifts) are actually connected, and absurdities such as an infinite universe that is expanding. It could explain obviously non-random shapes in the universe, such as spiral galaxies.

Is it possible that Einstein is wrong, very wrong?

At the very least, this discussion will make you think.

For more information on Wallace Thornhill’s ideas about the Electric Universe visit his website, http://holoscience.com

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