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Insight – 04.02.15

Persons in wheelchairs are now experiencing utter fredom on the sea atop of modified paddle boards. Mark speaks with Kawika Watt, founder of Onit Ability Boards and discovers how this affable native Hawaiian surfer conceived a method that’s empowering countess disabled wanna be paddle boarders to leave their wheelchairs and achieve all new levels of freedom and confidence through the tireless commitment of one passionate man.

Bruce Springsteen’s lyrics have made him the iconic musician he’s been for decades so when he performed at The Concert of Valor in Washington on Veteran’s Day, did people really think he would gloss over America’s past and present wars?  Hear Mark’s perspective and so much more on what was a terrific concept by HBO turned out to be an underwhelming experience.

Kim Kardashian in the buff…why?  Oh that’s right – that’s how she launched her career, correction – her life of narcissism and because we haven’t already seen (and heard) enough of her – why does America have such an insatiable KK appetite?

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originally aired 11.13.14