Talaura Miss teen Glendora USA (140)


Talaura Cothran is not a typical high school senior.  Her astuteness and compassion for others is boundless and that’s only a small part of who she is and why she created The Special Beauties Pageant http://www.specialbeautiespageant.com/ for children with special needs and disabilities in California.  Hear how this extraordinary 17 year old became the caregiver of her mother, Jennifer MacMonagle at the young age of 3 after her mother was paralyzed.  Jennifer, Talaura’s mother also speaks with Mark about her daughters successes including their ironclad relationship.  Jennifer also talks about the night her life forever changed when riding with an intoxicated driver and how she turned a nightmare into a cathartic experience as well as twice earning the title of Miss. Wheelchair California.  Mental illness is not on any level indicative of being weak rather it’s realizing that one needs professional help.  Mark muses on  the significance of professional help and how it saved him.

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“Mark did a great job with both our group of Life Skills students and our large group of freshmen. Mark’s warm and exuberant personality helps them to feel comfortable with him. Mark’s compassion for the students and his passion for his message are evident throughout his presentation. Mark has a gift for connecting with students quickly and then keeping their attention.”


Kim Knabb, M.A.

School Counselor

Sparta High School