Is Your State Being Targeted by a Medical Monopoly?

It may be—if a secretive, private, and powerful organization called the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) gets its way. State-based Action Alerts!

For years now, we have been reporting on the machinations of the FSMB, especially their most recent efforts to pass their Interstate Medical Licensure Compact in as many states as possible.

Don’t be deceived. While this is supposedly a private federation of all seventy state and territorial medical and osteopathic boards, the real forces behind it are hidden—though our evidence suggests it’s the American Medical Association working together with Big Pharma.

As the 2016 legislative session gets underway, a number of states are considering bills that would enact the Interstate Compact. We’ve reposted a recent article on the FSMB here to give you the full story behind this shadowy organization and its push to establish a medical monopoly. If you already know the story, hit this link to see if your state is considering a bill and take action.

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