Isra Saleh El-Namy – Palestinians struggle to leave Gaza as Egypt opens Rafah crossing for four days

Fatigue and stress was apparent on the face of Nada Mumer. Nine months pregnant, Mumer waited for the officer to call the names of people who will be allowed to ride a bus to the Egyptian side of the Rafah crossing in Gaza.

“My husband is waiting for me in Egypt. I came to Gaza five months ago to visit my family, I managed to stay here for only two weeks, but I was shocked of the continuous closure of Rafah port. My son suffers from cerebral atrophy and needs urgent medical care in hospitals abroad,” Mumer said.

The departure gallery at the Rafah crossing was full of people with their suitcases, waiting for their turn to leave as Egypt announced a four-day window the crossing will be open. “I wonder how only four days will be sufficient for all those people to depart? Situations are terrible and insufferable. We ask the Egyptians to prolong the period,” Mumer said to me.