Its More Than Monsanto – Shelly Caref

I am an organic farmer in Ecuador. My wife and I moved here almost five years ago from Chicago to retire. I knew almost nothing about agriculture and even less about nutrition. The process of working on the land to make a living has changed me from ignorant to informed, when I learned how money and profits dictate what we eat, our health, and our environment. Monsanto is clearly the right target for its production of GMO seeds and glyphosate but it is not just that one company – it is many industries, and the system that we need to take into account. They are keeping us alive long enough to work and make money for them.

The agriculture and food industries make up almost 50% of the global employment and 20% of global GDP. Without food we perish and without the right food we do not thrive. The agro-food industries should be more important to us than oil, which is only 3% of global GDP. Many wars have been fought for oil, but what are we doing for our food? The irony is that they are now putting oil in our food, bringing the two together.

Current agro-industrial, conventional “green agriculture” is responsible for the epidemics of non-infectious disease, which include most cancers, metabolic syndrome, hypertension, allergies, Parkinson, Alzheimer’s, autism, type 1 and 2 diabetes, and the list goes on. This agriculture is based on synthetic chemicals, many of which are formulated from petroleum and are often combined with glyphosate, amongst other pesticides. They kill life in the soil and then continue to kill life inside humans, namely our bacteria biome, leaving us defenseless against these non-infectious diseases.

The synthetic chemicals do not directly give us cancer; they inhibit our immune system which leads to the diseases mentioned above. This agriculture is also the prime reason for global warming, according to theĀ 2013 UN Report on Trade and Development, “Wake Up Before It Is Too Late”.

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