It’s Our Money with Ellen Brown – Cash Scrapped – 03.30.16

Kiss your cash goodbye! The word is that things would be more convenient, crooks would be confounded and diseases might be thwarted if we’d just get rid of filthy currency as the most essential form of personal financial liquidity. Currently circulating in the corridors of world financial powers, it may appear as an enlightened technical step forward to eliminate cash, but is it also a stalking horse for yet another way global bank interests can separate you from your assets?  Ellen speaks with renown author and media figure Stephen Lendmen about why this idea is appearing now and what’s happening behind the scenes that’s moving it forward.  Also behind the scenes is a huge and stark reality about municipal debt to Wall Street that the Public Banking Institute is targeting in its new project called What Wall Street Costs America.  Co-host Walt McRee speaks with PBI’s Matt Stannard on this groundbreaking campaign.


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