Jaime O’Neill – An Open Letter to the Stupid People of America

Among my sort, by which I mean liberals, it’s often considered politically incorrect to single out people who suffer from impaired mental or intellectual function. We know that there are fellow Americans who are “thinking-challenged,” or poorly educated, and we know that it would be bad manners to think or speak harshly of these poor wretches who have enough trouble as it is, what with having their ignorance, gullibility, and stupidity preyed upon by those who can profit from their impairments, or manipulate them into sending money to the various charlatans and hucksters who have always seen them as marks, pigeons, patsies, and schnooks.

It would be rude and distinctly not liberal for those of us graced with more intelligence and better educations to ridicule or demean our brethren who were spawned in the very shallow end of the gene pool, those who were conceived by parents who were too closely related, or otherwise inappropriate candidates for procreation or shared parenthood.

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