Janet Allon – 10 Political and Psychological Observers Who Think Trump May Have Gone Off the Deep End

Donald Trump has triggered more than one anxiety attack in the American electorate, and new speculation about his mental stability is not likely to help. But at the risk of stoking more sleepless nights, an increasing number of politicians, psychologists and political observers are questioning not just the mental fitness of Republican presidential nominee, but his mental health.

Trump has grown even more erratic of late than usual. He has given several rambling, seemingly unhinged press conferences and interviews and keeps expressing paranoid views about how fire chiefs [3] who attempt to keep his crowds safe are out to get him. In just two short weeks, he has called for the Russians to hack Hillary Clinton’s campaign; attacked the family of a genuine war hero because they said something unflattering about him; and given an almost comically deranged press conference a day after securing the Republican nomination. When Trump rambled incoherently about Ted Cruz’s father’s involvement with the Kennedy assassination, and then denied he had anything to do with floating the accusations he had just made, it was hard not to wonder why the men in white coats were taking so long.

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