Jean M Twenge Ph.D. – Do Millennials Have a Lesser Work Ethic?

The collision between the Millennial generation’s expectations and reality was in full display recently, as 25-year-old Yelp employee Talia Jane wrote an open letter (link is external)to the company’s CEO complaining about her job and was promptly fired.

Jane has some undeniable points about the egregiously expensive rent in the Bay Area and the general ignorance of the well-off to recognize how difficult it is to make it these days. Yet her letter also captures the complaints many managers have about some young workers: They want to start at the top, and their work ethic leaves something to be desired. (For example, Jane complained that she was told she would have to work in an entry-level position for an entire year – italics and bold hers – a prospect hardly shocking to previous generations who realized they would have to work their way up).

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