Jefferey Jaxen – Did Two Medical Journals Just Blacklist Gardasil Research Showing Dangers of the Vaccine?

The public, medical community and politicians throughout the world are witnessing a polarization regarding the safety of the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine. A historic, global backlash of parents [1], whose teenagers have been injured by the HPV shot, is currently threatening the very root of a multibillion dollar vaccine industry [2]. While families and communities at the grassroots level continue to organize to effect change at the county, state and district levels, those within the ranks of medicine [3] and research [4] are making their objectionable discoveries public. However, when research findings threaten public immunization policy, initially set by conflicts of interest and compromised regulatory agencies [5], those in positions of power must react with integrity.

HPV Vaccine Censorship?

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