Jews in Paris, London, New York and Los Angeles want Peace and an End to the Likud Zionist Policies that Drive Global Anti-Semitism

The expected result of a new coalition government in Israel’s Knesset on March 17, headed by a new prime minister who really wants a political settlement with the indigenous Palestinian people – now numbering over 5 million – is the fervent hope of so many Jewish communities around the world in Paris, London, NY and LA – and, yes, also in Tel Aviv, Bat Yam and Herzlia.

They demand an end to Likud Zionism, extremism, the blockade of Gaza, illegal settlements and the killing of innocent civilians – some of which are currently being investigated by the UN as alleged war crimes.  The failure of the Likud agenda is palpable throughout Israel as killings on both sides increases and security is tightened amidst talk of a third intifada.

Critically also, anti-Semitic incidents around the world have risen at an alarming rate as Jews everywhere are falsely seen as supporters of far-right, Likud Zionist policies. This has led to Judaism being erroneously equated with Political Zionism – and that has manifested in serious violence against both Jewish individuals and their communities, particularly in Europe.  This is the reason why Mr Netanyahu and his Likud agenda need(ed) to be jettisoned in favour of a pragmatic political approach by a party that will bring a permanent peace to both peoples.

And that will conceivably also have a long-term, important effect on the Middle East, as a whole, by removing a resentment that has embittered the indigenous population since 1948 when it was considered politically expedient by the United States to allow the expulsion of more than 700,000 Palestinian Arabs from their traditional lands.

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