Jim Garrison – ISIS, Holocaust, and Hope

President Obama is acting as if ISIS is terrorism as usual, slightly upgraded. Donald Trump is acting as if Muslims are the enemy, no exceptions. The reality is that with ISIS, we are no longer playing with fire, we are playing with dynamite. This is what Obama does not yet understand. The solution is to eliminate ISIS, not discriminate against Muslims. This is what Trump refuses to understand. We need to enlarge the framework to move beyond these polarities. I believe we need to go back to World War II for an historical challenge of the magnitude of ISIS.

ISIS is a level of evil equal to the Nazis. It has drunk of the same poison as the perpetrators of the Holocaust. This was demonstrated so poignantly in San Bernardino when a young couple, having just given birth, went out to slaughter scores of people just as innocent as their own newborn child. And this is celebrated as some form of distorted “martyrdom.” ISIS is an evil that feeds into the darkness of Holocaust. As the world said then, we must say today: Never Again.

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