Joachim Hagopian – Corrupt Clinton Crime Cartel Along with Hillary’s Presidential Hopes Are Crumbling…

Last Friday just 11 days prior to the November 8th election, FBI Director James Comey dropped the bombshell of the entire election year, stating that he is reopening the Clinton internet server investigation over new “pertinent” emails found on disgraced ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

Weiner is the husband of Hillary’s 20-year top aide and deputy campaign manager Huma Abedin. And as of Sunday evening, the Department of Justice and FBI obtained the warrant necessary to begin analyzing 650,000 emails (according to the Wall Street Journal) discovered by the FBI on Weiner’s laptop in the course of a separate investigation involving Weiner’s alleged sexting with a fifteen year old minor.

So nearly four months after James Comey announced to the world back in early July that the FBI investigation was closed and that he would not seek an indictment against Hillary Clinton for violating any federal laws, now suddenly a tectonic shift has taken place and for the Clinton crime family, the dirty may finally be hitting the fan.

As a result, humanity might be spared from a World War III project which was part of her election campaign, that would virtually be a done deal should Hillary become president. She’s all but promised war against Russia, China and Iran, including military retaliation against any hacking nations.

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