Joachim Hagopian – Six Reasons Why the Iowa Caucus Turned into a Voter Fraud Circus in Favor of Hillary

No sooner out the gate with the closest caucus vote in Iowa history already on the books, the very first state tally of delegate votes leading to the 2016 presidential election bears strong indication of voter fraud. It’s been reported that Hillary Clinton instructed her staff in Iowa to rig the caucus voting by falsely standing in the O’Malley corner of the room when the final precinct hand counts are tallied.

Since Martin O’Malley supporters fell drastically short with only about 1% of the required 15% “viability threshold” needed for his delegate votes in each precinct to be included in the final count, standard Iowa caucus protocol stipulates that any O’Malley voters would then be given the option to back either Clinton or Bernie Sanders in a final tally.

But Hillary already cheated having dictated to her staff to go and falsely be counted as O’Malley supporters voting for Hillary in the final count when she knew O’Malley supporters would by default favor Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. That’s the first major discrepancy coming out of Iowa earlier this week implicating voter fraud in the caucus. Ironically back in the 2008 Obama vs. Hillary campaign cycle, it was Hillary crying afoul when the Obama camp cut a deal with Bill Richardson supporters to use this very same unethical, deceitful tactic that the already untrustworthy, win-at-all-cost Hillary’s now apparently pulled in Iowa.

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