Jonathan Emmen – 7 Myths That Large Corporations Want us to Believe

The influence of major corporations is everywhere. If you go to a sporting event, the sponsors are major corporations. If you go to the grocery, the vast majority of items available to you comes from plants owned by major corporations. Even our media is corporate owned. The result is that these large corporations can pass along whatever myths and half-truths they want. In fact, here are 7 myths that are particularly disturbing.

1. “Lite” And Low-Fat Foods Are Good For us

Go into your local grocery store and in nearly every aisle, you will see products labeled as low fat or lite. The intention is to get us to buy these products by continually sending the message that they are somehow healthier than other items on the shelf. In truth, most of these items are full of sugars, artificial flavorings, and other unhealthy ingredients that are intended to replace the flavor that is lost.

2. GMOs Are Harmless And Don’t Require Labeling

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