JP Sottile – Hillary Clinton’s Pay-for-Play Reality

It was supposed to be a feel-good moment. The Chairman and CEO of the world’s most powerful financial institution dropped by CNBC’s Squawk Box to crow a bit about his recovery from cancer. But it didn’t quite go the way Lloyd Blankfein — or Hillary Clinton — might’ve wanted.

First, the recently-minted billionaire boss of Goldman Sachs compared his 600 hours of chemotherapy to dropping “napalm” on the Islamic State (“You get ISIS, but you also get some of the Kurds and Iraqis and everybody else”). Lloyd went on to tell Andrew Ross Sorkin that unlike another notable, newly-minted billionaire — fellow cancer survivor and comparably-connected JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon — his brush with mortality didn’t really inspire circumspection about his life or about his crucial role in the profitable business of giving other people the business (“I must be so thick, I missed that whole thing”).

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