Juan Cole – Pope Francis’ call to host Refugees contrasts w/ anti-Immigrant US “Religious Right”

Not all American Christian leaders have covered themselves in glory when it comes to the issue of Syrian refugees being accepted by the US ( not many are). Evangelist Franklin Graham sees these refugees as a security threat because many of them are Muslim (though there are lots of kinds of Islam in Syria, and some 5% are Christian). Sen. Rand Paul, who mixes some evangelicalism into his libertarianism, has expressed similar sentiments. And, of course, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump has shouted himself blue in the face about the alleged danger of Middle Eastern and other immigrants coming to the US; while he is not on the religious Right, he tries to please that wing of the party.

It seems to me that there is a real question as to whether any of those who speak in such hateful ways are actually Christian at all.

In an astonishing show of solidarity with the refugees thronging into Europe, on Sunday Pope Francis called on European parishes and other Catholic institutions to take in a refugee family each. He said,

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