Kate Fried – Bottled Water Goes Off the Deep End

Because they peddle one of the most basic and ubiquitous resources on the planet, bottled water companies are notorious for manufacturing demand for their products, often by resorting to old Madison Avenue mind games, like exploiting our subconscious interest in exclusivity or by suggesting that their products are more pure than tap water.

Perrier was once extolled as the “champagne of water.” For a time, Evian, partnered with fashion designer Christian Lacroix to sell its water in limited edition, blinged out bottles. Tibet Spring sources its water from the Himalayas. The list goes on—these companies and a bevy of competitors all seek to differentiate themselves while trying to make us forget that what they’re pushing isn’t much different from the stuff that flows from our taps for fractions of a penny per glass.

The latest entry into the bottled water market threatens to overshadow all of these in sheer preposterousness, thanks to Kona Deep and its “premium deep ocean water.” If the prospect of washing down your lunch (or cocktail hour crudités, if we’re still being fancy) with a mouthful of saltwater sounds unappealing, don’t worry, Kona Deep has you covered. This is not just any water from the ocean, it’sdesalinated water from the ocean.

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