Kate Raines – Under Our Skin: A Film About the Hidden Story of Lyme Disease

  • Lyme disease can affect any number of organ systems and is increasingly prevalent across the U.S.
  • Chronic Lyme disease may be misdiagnosed as many other conditions.
  • Lyme disease specialists and their patients are at odds with health authorities, who resist the idea that the disease even exists.

Andy Abrahms Wilson’s documentary Under Our Skin tells the often hidden story of Lyme disease, an infectious disorder caused by the bite of an infected deer tick, a tiny parasite not much bigger than a pencil point. Wreaking havoc across the country, the disease was originally called “Mrs. Murray’s Disease” after the mother in Lyme, Connecticut, who noticed that many people, including children, in her neighborhood were affected by a mysterious illness characterized by a rash followed pretty quickly by symptoms of arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.

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