Kelly Brogan, MD – A Case Of Gut-Induced Mania

Sometimes, it just takes one case to bring an entire medical construct to its knees. Because if the current model can’t encompass it, then the model must evolve to accommodate the seeming outlier. Currently, psychiatry is in a freefall. With its priesthood abandoning its own tenets around biomedical explanations for mental illness, there is room now, for a new model to emerge.

In this model, behaviors stem from many different stalks. Mania and even psychosis may represent transitional awakenings that our mechanically-oriented, productivity-focused secular society makes no room for. It has been my passion to illuminate the reversible physiologic causes of behavioral disturbance, from panic attacks to ADHD, that melt away when the body is supported. These can range from blood sugar imbalance to single nutrient deficiency to thyroid dysfunctionWhen the body is well, the mind can be free, and purposeful examination of one’s life can begin.

Acute Mania Resolved with Charcoal

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