Konrad Stachnio – Are We Waiting For a Civil War in Europe?

In an online manual ISIS suggests that IS militants living in the West should blend into the crowd. Among other things, they are to shave their beards and act like Christians. They also suggest that their supporters carry out bombings in nightclubs. After “the work” is done, European leaders of ISIS cells should go to the front lines or end their lives in a suicide attack. This way they will minimize the risk of information falling into the wrong hands.

Who will defend the EU from ISIS? The Swiss?

It seems that the wisdom of the Swiss is not limited to just being a global financial Safe Haven. According to General André Blattmann, Chief of the Swiss Armed Forces, Europe is just a step away from a civil war. Blattmann even advised his countrymen to start rearming. It is currently estimated that 8 million people in Switzerland own from 2.3 to 4.5 million weapons.

In autumn 2015 Switzerland conducted exercises codenamed “Conex 15”. The scenario assumed a disintegration of the European economic zone and the countries bordering on Switzerland.

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