Kristi Culpepper – Is Hillary Clinton Corrupt? An Archive of Financial Improprieties

There has been considerable commentary about media bias in this election, especially from folks on the right. I have had many rounds on Twitter with reporters (who cover politics and other areas) about the lack of scrutiny Clinton receives versus Trump. Granted, Trump invites media attention with his daily parade of own-goals. Coverage of Clinton, however, has become almost laughably promotional. Clinton’s stress-relieving meditation rituals. Men wish she’d smile more. People don’t like her because she works too hard. No, really, these are legitimate headlines now.

It wasn’t always this way. In fact, the Clintons’ disregard for the appearance of impropriety used to be a media staple. And the Clintons would reply the same way they do now — by calling every critic a conspiracy theorist. And there are plenty of genuine conspiracy theories about them — see Clinton Body Count, for example. I’m not interested in cataloging conspiracy theories. Since the media has effectively gone silent on Clinton’s business dealings, however, I think it would be useful to remind the public where this family’s bread is buttered.

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