Kurt Jacobson – When Choosing Organic Grocers, Trust MOM

Mom’s Newest Store

When I found out MOM’s Organic Market was opening in White Marsh, just 7 minutes from my home, I was thrilled. Over the last 7 years I have seen them grow from three stores to seventeen; quite a feat in the competitive grocery store world. Scott Nash started MOM’s in his mother’s garage at age 22 in 1987 before opening the first store in Rockville, Maryland. He has been making waves in the organic grocery world ever since.

As a professionally trained chef, grocery stores have been more than a passing interest to me for over 35 years. Wild Oats in Boulder, Colorado was the first environmentally focused grocery store I found in the 1980s. They offered sustainably raised chicken, pork, and beef as well as plenty of organic veggies and fruits. When Wild Oats was bought by Whole Foods it seemed like a good move. Unfortunately Whole Foods went on to become more like the big-box conventional grocers it tried to set itself apart from previously. Now days hardly half of their fruits and veggies are organic on any given day.

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