Lauren McCauley – Ugly and Unprepared, ‘Knife Fight’ Breaks Out in Trump Transition

While Republicans have been outwardly celebrating their victories, President-elect Donald Trump’s transition to power is reportedly mired in chaos and infighting as competing factions duke it out to see whose version of “Make America Great Again” will dominate under the new world order.

A “knife fight” is how one source described the backroom disagreements over “key cabinet appointments and direction, both for internal West Wing positions and key national security posts,” CNN reported.

On one side is the newly-appointed and highly-controversial chief strategist Steve Bannon, who—as chairman of the inflammatory Breitbart News and a figurehead within the global alt-right movement—is seen as a political outsider who is expected to holdsignificant influence over Trump’s international policy decisions.

On the other side, CNN reported, are “more traditional Republican operatives” such as Trump’s chief of staff and former Republican Party chair Reince Priebus.

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