Laws to Shut People Up on Animal Abuse, Now Used to Cover Up Day Care & Nursing Home Abuse – John Vibes

First they came for the animal rights activists…..

A recent report pointed out that laws which are used to prevent animal rights activists from exposing inhumane practices at factory farms, can also be used to prevent whistleblowers that attempt to expose corruption at other facilities, like daycare centers or nursing homes, for example.

The controversial ag-gag laws do not just apply to factory farms, but are written so broadly that they can prevent people from speaking out against unethical practices that are happening in their places of business.

In a statement earlier this year, AARP criticized a newly proposed ag-gag bill in North Carlina, stating that it would prevent nursing home employees from speaking out about unethical practices in the workplace.

“House Bill 405 will create new risks for workers, older adults, families and children because it extends to all industries including nursing homes, hospitals, group homes, medical practices, charter and private schools, daycare centers, and so forth,” the statement read.

As journalist Will Potter pointed out in a recent interview with Vice, “Originally these laws were explicitly targeting animal welfare groups and explicitly prohibiting photography, that didn’t go [over] very well with the public.”

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