Leid Stories—2017 Ends Badly for the Clintons and Their Fraudulent ‘Charity’ Empire; Worse Yet to Come in 2018—12.28.17

When Leid Stories reported earlier this month on a trove of thousands of files the FBI released from its electronic vault on its ongoing probe of the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation (The Clinton Foundation), we predicted there should be much more coming, based on the labyrinthine nature of the foundation and its operations.

Charles Ortel, a retired Wall Street banker turned financial investigator, has been probing the innards of the foundation for two years as an expert in charity fraud. He declared early on that the evidence he uncovered suggested the foundation was “the largest unprosecuted fraud in U.S. history.”

Ortel finishes off the year with new information he has uncovered that adds even more fuel to the prosecutorial fire engulfing the Clintons, their foundation and a coterie of key players in their scheme.

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