Leid Stories—Another Mass School Shooting with No Easy Answers—02.15.18

A former student who reportedly had been expelled from a high school in well-to-do Parkland, Fla., for behavioral problems returned to the school armed with an assault rifle yesterday and killed 17 people before he was apprehended by police.

Nikolas Cruz, 19, also injured more than a dozen others during his murderous rampage, Broward Sheriff Scott Israel said, adding that Cruz was arrested in an adjacent neighborhood as he tried to flee.

The worst mass school shooting since lone gunman Adam Lanza killed 20 children and six school employees at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 14, 2012, yesterday’s mass attack at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School raised once again the national debate about ways to stop this kind of extreme violence. But are important clues being missed in understanding the problem?

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