Leid Stories—The ‘Big Debate’ Yet Another Reminder That the Two-Party-Dominated Political System Must End. But How? (Part 2)—09.29.16

Despite widespread voter disaffection with politics in general, and “the two-party system” in particular, the Democratic and Republican parties continue to dominate and control the political machinery of the United States. They wage bruising battles to control local, state and national government, and except from each other, neither party really fears a challenge to its power and dominance.

There’s no change to the political matrix this election year; the Democratic and Republican parties still dominate the field of political choices. But polls have been showing intense voter dissatisfaction with the duopoly’s business-as-usual politics, a growing interest in other political parties and movements, and even outright rejection of the current political model.

We continue yesterday’s discussion on how these trends might be fertile soil for nonmainstream political parties and movements to plant (or re-plant) new seeds.

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