Leid Stories—Bill Clinton and Foundation Still ‘Saving Lives’—03.23.17

He’s back, Bill Clinton, still selling the myth that his all-but-defunct, corruption-riddled Clinton Foundation saved the lives of millions of HIV/AIDS sufferers around the world through the foundation’s HIV/AIDS program.

The former president is one of three “well-deserving” luminaries being lauded tonight at a Manhattan gala commemorating the Gay Men’s Health Crisis’ 35th anniversary. The Clinton Foundation, the GMHC says in a news release, “has been battling the epidemic since 2002, saving the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS worldwide.”

Our guest, Charles Ortel, the leading authority on the Clinton Foundation, begs to differ. In an exclusive, multi-episode series he’s been doing on Leid Stories since May last year, Ortel has exposed multiple layers of fraud within the pseudocharity, calling the foundation and its associated programs “the largest unprosecuted fraud in history.” The foundation’s HIV/AIDS Initiative, Ortel says, tops the list.

Ortel blew the whistle on Wall Street fraud in 2007-2008, when he proved that many companies—GE, GM and AIG among them—had overvalued their stocks by hundreds of billions of dollars.


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